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Green Lift

Green Lift is a rapidly growing manufacturer of innovative agrochemicals. The companies development strategy is scientific and business cooperation, trusting partnerships with consumers and suppliers. They are constantly expanding the range of their developments. Today they are one of leading companies in the field of agrobusiness.


PARTNERSHIP from 2013 – to day.  



•  Supporting corporate identity

•  Design supporting on the exhibitions and forums 

•  Webdesign 

•  Development of labels

We adhere to a consistent style across all layouts so that the company is always visible and presents all of its unique and best features.


This year the company decided to take part in a large agro-forum. They needed a new tent concept. Objective: to be clearly visible, to place all the important information that needs to be conveyed to the exhibitors. But the tent shouldn’t look like a newspaper article. Result: the participation was successful, the client was satisfied.

Labels | B2C

In 2020 we have developed new labels. Laconic but fresh design, simple but bright and easy to remember, visible on the shelves, aimed at the end user.

Labels | B2B

Updating the design of existing labels (we also did it before) for a wholesale client

We like work with Green Lift

And if you decide to grow strawberries, be sure to contact Green Lift for fertilizers 🙂

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