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When one is gone, he leaves a mark on history. His mark is a Creativity.


Vadim Grinberg is the founder of the modern art avant-garde current BATCHART, a mixed styles and directions, ideas and platforms of art, the purpose of which is a divine universal synthesis of beauty and tolerance.


Chronologically, it’s an artist, a sculptor. But that’s not really about him. He’s a design artist, creator in the most precise sense of the word. He created, mixed, experimented with forms, images, bold decisions, smells, words, materials when for many people was habitual only: the artist is oil, watercolor and canvas, the sculptor is clay and … enough. In the late ’70s, he started writing poetry and creating his first works. He was running out of time, ahead of him! Of course, there were a lot of misunderstandings and envy. But the strong creativity and support of his loved ones helped him succeed. Exhibitions, awards, cooperation with cult persons. His cities are Odessa, Moscow, Los Angeles. His works are in museums and private collections in Russia, Europe, America.


Life | Poem | Art

One day we were lucky enough to work with Vadim. It was a very useful and interesting time, we got a great creative experience!


We helped to create a book of his poems — a good memory of him. And participated in the organization of an art-exhibition of Grinberg in Odessa/2007.

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