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Why you need a good website or Force yourself to change shoes

I bet you think it has to do with boots? I mean you are not a company or a corporation, you are just a person.

One day you wake up, you are going to work or to meet a girl, and you understand that the shoes are old, somewhere the sole has worn out. “Oh, these are my favorite boots…” But it’s time to change them!  

Why do you need a good website? Because a website gives you a competitive edge for your brand, be it a company or an individual. This allows you to choose how you will be perceived. You demonstrate in a dynamic way how cool you are, what you can do or offer useful, etc.   In 2022, almost everything that is worth something has its place on the Internet. Websites inspire confidence in the intended purposes they serve to achieve. When was the last time you saw a brand without a website and were sure what it could offer you? Several decades ago maybe…

The importance of a redesign

Keep asking that questions. 

  • Nice modern design? Or was your site stuck in the 2000s?
  • Is your visitor comfortable on your site? or did you make him wander around the pages looking for information?
  • Are the pages fast-loading? or did the visitor not wait and leave?
  • Will the client be able to open your website from a mobile device and not get scared by what he sees?
  • And you? Does your business get value from this site?

Website development trends in 2022

So all of the above factors are a must-have. Again, the site should be pleasing in design, easy to use, optimized for mobile devices, fast loading. But there are points that should also be highlighted in the new year.

Expert and credible content The quality of the content of search engines has been emphasized for years. Important factors: truthfulness or reliability (reviews have a big impact); authorship (it is recommended to indicate the author of the content, even for example “verified by specialist Mike 2022/17/01/”); usefulness and relevance; quantity (preference is given to large ones); structure; video (video reviews, video reviews)

Voice search  According to data from Comscore specialists from the article «The Future of Voice From Smartphones to Smart Speakers to Smart Homes» in 2021 more than 50% of search queries in the network are made with the help of voice assistants. Of course, mobile search traffic dominates. And here are the recommended websites to optimize for voice search: – Information resources: financial, educational, building, cooking, and other sites; – Service resources: taxi, delivery (specify regions and places of delivery to be displayed in the issuance on local request); – Online stores (convenient product search by filters or categories); – Local business. Restaurants, hotels, beauty salons, tire shops, gyms, etc.

Site security The website is configured with HTTPS. The Privacy Policy is indicated. The site must be hosted on a verified hosting, at least two-stage verification is built. And do not forget to follow the timely payment of the domain and website hosting. To store information in large resources, it is recommended to use cloud spaces

Worldview Any digital product on the Internet becomes part of the impact on the overall worldview. It is already changing because user experience (UX) is singled out as one of the main factors. If your audience includes people with visual, hearing, or musculoskeletal disabilities, check to see if your site is accessible to them. Accessibility features are implemented on websites and applications: – special HTML attributes that make some elements of the site accessible to people with disabilities. For example, pressing a button not only with the mouse but also with the keyboard. For visually impaired users, the screen reader will read text fragments and determine the location and content of buttons, input fields, pictures, and so on. – Alternative image tags will provide the user with information about the content of the pictures, even if he does not see the pictures themselves.

So how about "changing"? ;)

A lot of different factors. We tried to focus on the main and trending ones this year. We ourselves aspire to keep abreast of trends and to develop and wish you also.  

🔵 If you have decided to redesign the site, we will gladly help you. We will think about a new style, or we will try to keep the old one you like so much, but present it in actual form. And you will surely get a unique design and a user-friendly website that will help strengthen your business position.

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